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April 2016

26-Apr-2016 16:34:00

Can you fight less IT fires and have more time to strategise?

3 MIN READ Finding time to plan and strategise is often impossible for an IT Manager. Here's a secret; if you do it right, it will give you more time. How? This post, originally published by Oriel, will start you back in the right direction.

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20-Apr-2016 16:31:00

How to manage data loss tactically

2 MIN READ Data loss prevention and disaster recovery are crucial considerations for any business to avoid revenue loss. Has your company taken the necessary measures to handle such a threat?

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12-Apr-2016 17:14:00

Evaluating the TCO of Cloud

4 MIN READ At first glance adopting Cloud computing seems a lot like renting a car - consistent costs without all the upfront costs of buying the vehicle. But is it really that simple?  In this post republished from our colleagues at Oriel, they take a look at what makes up the TCO equation.

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12-Apr-2016 16:51:00

The Future of Cloud Computing in an Infographic

Who could tell when, in the 1960s, JCR Licklider created the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, or the 'intergalactic computer network'), just how far the Cloud would come. But where to from here?

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12-Apr-2016 16:24:00

Five steps to building an effective IT team

3 MIN READ We all know how to manage our ICT assets, but do we know how to manage and hold on to our human assets?

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12-Apr-2016 16:21:00

Like to Work More Closely with your CIO?

4 MIN READ When you are caught up doing your job, and your CIO is doing the same, it can be hard to make the time to get together and do some real thinking and strategising.  But, as this article indicates, it is time well spent. 

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12-Apr-2016 16:09:00

How do I Choose a Cloud Computing Provider?

4 MIN READ Here are 6 suggestions to get you started. Selecting a Cloud Computing provider that best matches your requirements, and will best serve your business over the long-term, can be a tricky business. So here are 6 considerations we suggest you embrace along the way.

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12-Apr-2016 16:01:00

5 Ways Moving to the Cloud can Stimulate Business

3 MIN READ Offering significant cost savings, increased collaboration and painless cloud backup, cloud technology can really help your business. If you're weighing up the pros and cons of moving to the cloud, here's a look at five important ways the cloud can help stimulate business growth.

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12-Apr-2016 15:46:00

Why BYOD and CYOD Strategies are Doomed without the Cloud.

4 MIN READ Evolution in the desktop space is never-ending. The consumerisation of IT and the rise of mobile technology have dramatically changed the dynamic between IT and end users. Workers are increasingly expecting rapid response times from IT departments and an agile workplace to take advantage ...

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12-Apr-2016 15:42:00

WaaS, DaaS and IaaS: How to Distinguish between the "as-a-service" models.

3 MIN READ Technology has gifted us several new solutions to combat modern business problems. On that note, the “as-a-Service” model springs to mind, which includes Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Desktop-as-a-Service.  Here, we discuss what “as-a-Service” really means, and ...

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12-Apr-2016 15:39:00

Yes. Your Network Can Give You a Competitive Edge.

3 MIN READ In the digital era, your network capability is a key driver of your competitive advantage. Your network is the nervous system of your business. It determines not only the speed and reliability of your communications, how your people collaborate and how you manage your customer and client ...

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12-Apr-2016 15:36:00

Cloud-as-a-Service: Revolution or Evolution?

5 MIN READ Vendors, marketers and industry pundits alike are trumpeting the cloud as a revolutionary new force set to shake corporate IT to its foundations. Phrases such as ‘seismic shift’ and ‘total game-changer’ abound.   But the idea of cloud being revolutionary and new is, at best, ...

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12-Apr-2016 15:28:00

Feature: How to Develop a Cloud Migration Strategy and Checklist

4 MIN READ Migrating your business to the cloud comes with many benefits, however it also requires an effective migration strategy that mitigates risks to achieve the best outcome for your organisation.

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12-Apr-2016 15:16:00

Making a Business Case for the Hybrid Cloud

3 MIN READ Cloud computing is a game changer in today's enterprise. But what about IT departments that prefer to keep their data on-site? Here's a look at the hybrid cloud and how it's giving companies the best of both worlds: the convenience of cloud hosting combined with in-house data management.

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12-Apr-2016 15:11:00

Infrastructure Refresh: Even Doing Nothing Still Needs a Plan

5 MIN READ No matter which path you take for an infrastructure migration, planning is essential, even for the 'do nothing' option. In this blog, originally published by Oriel CTO Richard Mitton, he explains what IT managers need to do to safely extend the life of their organisations' infrastructure

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12-Apr-2016 15:06:00

Wired v Wireless LAN: The Truth Behind Which Network is Best

3 MIN READ Many enterprise-level businesses currently face the challenging decision of whether or not to completely transfer to a wireless network. Wireless network technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years, but are the security risks and lack of control something to be worried ...

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12-Apr-2016 14:46:00

Get Funding for Innovation Over the Line

5 MIN READ As the new year starts, that business case for funding may be on your 'to do' list, let us help you get underway. 

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12-Apr-2016 14:08:00

The IT Manager of the Future

3 MIN READ IT is changing fast. The cloud, mobility and analytics are creating a global, flexible computing ‘fabric’ that provides powerful IT capabilities to everyone. What does this mean for IT managers and their teams?

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12-Apr-2016 13:36:00

Why is Video Conferencing so hard to get right?

3 MIN READ With more people working from different locations and using different devices, it has become vitally important that business internet networks support remote collaboration tools, including video conferencing.

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12-Apr-2016 13:25:00

Can wireless networks cope with the rise of mobility and the IoT?

4 MIN READ The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to transform how you do business, but reaping the benefits may require a rethink of your network services.

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12-Apr-2016 13:03:00

Has your data centre turned into a zombie?

2 MIN READ Is something feeding off the life force of your business, sapping it of strength and making the lives of your productive workers harder? How about the legacy infrastructure? Are there a few servers sitting around doing nothing on the company's dollar? Fortunately, it's easy to remedy. ...

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12-Apr-2016 12:58:00

Death by Legacy System

2 MIN READ Technology can give any business a competitive edge, but it isn’t without an Achilles’ heel. IT departments, for all the benefits they provide, can be weighed down by the burden of legacy systems. Outdated tech can hamstring innovation and leave a company lagging behind the market and ...

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12-Apr-2016 12:56:00

Becoming the CIO. A guide for IT Managers.

4 MIN READ So you've managed the IT department into a smooth well-oiled machine, and even proved the value of IT to the CEO and Board time and time again.  It must be time for that promotion?  Preparing yourself for career advancement might seem to be the most self-centric task facing you as the IT ...

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12-Apr-2016 12:30:00

Tech Trends that IT Managers Know

5 MIN READ We all know how trends change constantly, but technology seems to change even faster all the time, and that makes staying ahead of the curve a job in itself. 

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12-Apr-2016 00:00:00

Feature Article: 7 Cloud Computing Myths Unmasked

5 MIN READ As cloud technology hits maturity, it’s time to reassess the common myths that may be holding your organisation back.  

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