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June 2016

29-Jun-2016 16:10:00

Feature: How CIOs can transform the workplace

6 MIN READ There’s no way around it: most modern businesses need digital transformation. But what does it take to do it successfully? Here’s a look at how a CIO can make the necessary changes to transform their organisation.

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22-Jun-2016 15:00:00

First Steps to an NGN Transformation Plan

3 MIN READ Networks were once relatively simple pieces of infrastructure because traffic was simple: emails, printing, documents being shared or saved. Not any more...

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17-Jun-2016 16:21:00

Do you need a cyber security consultant?

3 MIN READ Hackers and data thieves are an escalating threat to all businesses as they currently remain one step ahead of security measures. While your company may never be completely invulnerable to attacks, you can chase off potential threats by beefing up security and making a breach not worth ...

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17-Jun-2016 16:03:00

A strategic approach to IT budgeting

3 MIN READ If you're struggling to make your IT budget work, you're not alone. Doing more with less money and staff is a top concern for many organisations today, so here's a look at how the 'Run-Grow-Transform' framework can help.

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14-Jun-2016 16:24:00

Can you make your IT system blast-proof?

5 MIN READ Resilience may be called all kinds of things – fault tolerance, redundancy, data preparedness. However, before you start making your IT system blast-proof, it's a good idea to be sure of what it means to your organisation, as this post outlines.

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08-Jun-2016 16:26:00

How can shadow IT disrupt your business?

3 MIN READ Shadow IT is fast becoming a top security concern of IT leaders thanks to an increasing number of employees unknowingly putting their companies at risk. Here's a closer look at the issue and what you can do about it.

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01-Jun-2016 12:47:00

Infographic: See how much poor data protection can really cost you.

It may be like dripping like a tap or bursting out like a broken water main, either way lost data is a massive cost and disruption to businesses. Find out the true cost of data loss with this infographic. 

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