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July 2016

18-Jul-2016 17:00:00

How Cloud computing will change your job for the better

4 MIN READ Sure, the introduction of cloud computing is going to make changes in your organisation - perhaps the most important will be to your own job. But, as this post explains, ignore the reactions you might have read about cloud services making IT managers and departments redundant.

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14-Jul-2016 16:30:00

What Startups can teach us about Innovation

3 MIN READ In an earlier blog we discussed how adopting a ‘startup mindset’ is key in innovating. And this is more critical than ever, as is evident in this blog, that shows mid-size organisations are becoming innovation laggards, sabotaging their own innovation efforts with complicated governance ...

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11-Jul-2016 16:01:00

Why your IT Team shouldn’t just react in your business

3 MIN READ Rapidly evolving technology factors, such as cloud computing, IT consulting, mobility, analytics, big data and cost reductions in storage, change the way companies transact with one another and complete work internally. However, many businesses still view the IT department as another ...

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09-Jul-2016 16:10:00

The IT conundrum: Deciding between insourcing and outsourcing

6 MIN READ The question of whether to insource or outsource comes up over and over. In recent times, emerging technologies such as mobile and big data are having a significant impact on IT sourcing decisions. In order to make the right choice for your organisation, it’s important to assess how ...

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05-Jul-2016 18:30:00

Seeing innovation in the everyday

3 MIN READ There has been a lot of talk lately about the Innovation agenda for Australia. So much so that you'd think innovation is something new. But it's not. Only now with the cloud, mobility and the threat of digital disruption, has the role of technology in innovation become increasingly ...

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