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October 2016

26-Oct-2016 13:58:00

From cost-cutting to cost optimisation: what the CEO wants of IT

5 MIN READ In a recent blog we discussed the results of a 2016 McKinsey & Co study on business technology, which indicated a misalignment in priorities between IT and business executives. In the survey, 44% of those in IT say that cutting costs is one of their organisations’ current priorities for ...

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19-Oct-2016 15:51:00

How can IT Managers plan for contingencies?

5 MIN READ Despite the best-laid plans you have to be ready for when it all falls in a heap. Contingency planning is like fire insurance – you have to have it but you hope you never use it. But if you have it, you need to make sure it works.

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13-Oct-2016 16:30:00

The beginners guide to Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

5 MIN READ The consumerisation of IT and the rise of mobile technology have dramatically changed the dynamic between IT and end users. Workers increasingly expect rapid response times from IT departments and an agile workplace to take advantage of new user trends and mobile work styles. Whether ...

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12-Oct-2016 14:08:00

Using IT services to succeed in the digital business world...

4 MIN READ When IT acts as a partner to the business, rather than as a technological consultant or IT service provider - the benefits are significant.

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06-Oct-2016 09:03:00

The pros & cons of DIY Cloud Migration

5 MIN READ The new era of cloud computing makes it easy to get new instances up.  But does that means you should handle the migration yourself?  In this blog we examine the process of DIY migration.

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