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May 2018

14-May-2018 14:00:00

Best security practices for companies using cloud service providers

4 MIN READ What are the key questions Australian businesses should ask their cloud service providers? In Part 2 of our Security Series, Superloop's security expert, Andrew Lawrence advises how to adhere with the Australian Privacy Act, and set a high bar for data security.

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07-May-2018 11:11:00

'PA55W0RD' won't work! A guide to better password practices

4 MIN READ Hot on the heels of Privacy Awareness Week, consider how IT departments can encourage better password practices from their users and clients.

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01-May-2018 15:00:00

Australian Privacy Act - What you need to know for your business

5 MIN READ The Superloop Security series will take you inside the myriad of issues and challenges posed by data security, privacy and business continuity.  Today Superloop security expert, Andrew Lawrence discusses the key implications of the Australian Privacy Act and how it is tied up with data ...

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