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05-Apr-2018 10:00:00

The importance of CIOs aligning innovation and IT with business goals

5 MIN READ A Tale of Two CIOs – Embracing the Business Imperative with Cloud Strategies – Part One.  The pace of change for the tech leader’s role has increased with digital disruption and the emergence of cloud platforms. It pays to understand how to overcome the challenges facing today’s CIO. In ...

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15-Mar-2018 14:00:00

Top 5 benefits of implementing a flexible managed network

5 MIN READ There is more choice than ever for network connectivity. Getting access to fast, reliable, secure networks should be easy. However, like the turn-of-the-century rail solutions, sometimes more choice can complicate things. In this article, we discuss the benefits of a flexible managed ...

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07-Mar-2018 15:00:00

Why is network performance important?

5 MIN READ Business and consumer demand for faster and more accessible bandwidth is increasing exponentially. We are seeing drivers for network performance from cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, voice and video apps as well as backup requirements.

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15-Feb-2018 11:58:18

Unlock the secrets to a powerful, performance-driven network

6 MIN READ Power, performance and choice – tap into your three allies in an ever-changing world of business competition.

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18-Jan-2018 15:00:00

How your business can benefit from migrating to the cloud - Part Two

4 MIN READ In Part One we explored cloud-based solutions and the financial benefits you can expect. In this blog we further explore the cost benefits and show you how to lead your organisation on a cloud-first strategy.

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07-Dec-2017 15:01:29

How your business can benefit from migrating to the cloud

7 MIN READ By 2020, almost a quarter of all organisations will use cloud services. In this article, we look at why IT departments are waking up to the benefits of cloud, and explore how your organisation can start taking the first steps to migrate to cloud services.

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23-Nov-2017 14:00:00

Helping aged care services maintain competitiveness with remote networking

6 MIN READ A new focus on customer experience is sweeping through the aged care sector, ushering in intensified competition and a mandate for innovation. Read how Superloop helped one service provider seize competitive advantage using its remote networking solutions.

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16-Nov-2017 10:00:00

Why choose WiFi as a Service?

4 MIN READ Wifi is now considered a right, not a privilege. Companies that deal with the public, or simply need to ensure internal WiFi is always available for employees working anywhere in the building, are now looking to WiFi-as-a-Service (WaaS) offerings to provide them with guaranteed service.

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25-Oct-2017 15:30:00

Is it possible for a network to be both 'fixed' and 'wireless'?

5 MIN READ It’s almost a cliché these days to say that demand for bandwidth will continue on into eternity, demanding organisations commit to a never-ending cycle of equipment and software upgrades.

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21-Sep-2017 14:00:00

Are you feeling the bandwidth strain? A fixed wireless network could be the answer

5 MIN READ Even though Australian homes and businesses are transitioning to higher speed networks, the demand for bandwidth continues to grow. If you are a remote business, traditional network connections are still notoriously expensive and too slow. Fortunately there’s a solution – fixed wireless ...

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